London Warriors American Football Programme



Former Warrior Coach Aden Durde has landed a job with the Atlanta Falcon. Durde has been appointed as an assistant defensive coach for the Atlanta Falcons which makes him the first british coach to be employed in a fulltime coaching role inthe NFL. Aden started off playing for the London Olympians before moving onto NFL Europe developmental league in 2003. The Londoner had stints with the Scottish Claymores and the Hamburg Blue Devils before getting the opportunity to get onto the NFL Practise squad of two teams. The Carolina Panthers and the Kansas City Chiefs. Aden retired in 2008 and returned to London working as a youth Mentor in Enfield. After Three year Aden aslo reached out to the Warriors and became the Defensvie Coordinator for the Senior team as he wanted to get back into football.Aden Join the Cowboys as an intern in 2014, he since returned back to the USA to work with the Cowboys again and then twice with the Falcons whilst maintining the role as head of the NFL International Pathway Programme, Identifying potental NFL talent outside of America, and the rest you can say is history. The Warriorr Programme wishes Aden all the success in future hopefully more can follow in his footsteps.