London Warriors youth and senior programs faced the London Blitz equivalent at Finsbury Park, North London on Sunday

First up was the youth teams and with a Warriors offense led by rookie Quarterback, Lewis Popely making vital mistakes at crucial moments, the Blitz jumped out to a 26 -0 halftime lead.

In the second half the Warriors made some improvement and were able to move the ball but again, mistakes at critical times hurt them. With the defense playing well they were able to restore some pride as the game ended 28 - 2.

"We made errors that cost us our momentum and gave the Blitz the opportunity to dominate the game and they took full advantage. We have to reduce the errors before we travel to Reading to face the Rebels, so we have a lot of work to do" Coach Gerry Anderson

The Warriors Youth team faces the Reading Rebels at Prospect Park, Reading this Sunday 2 May, kick off 12.30pm

Following the youth game the Warrior programs senior team, the Cobras went down 14 - 7 to the reigning national champions Blitz in a fiercely contested match up. With the Warriors defence stifling a well respected running game it was left to their QB, Fred Boyle to make several big plays to keep the Blitz on track helping them to get into the end zone on 2 occasions.

The Cobras led by former Warrior youth players Quarterback Jerome Allen, Wide receiver Manny Mukoro and safety Ariel Mofondo, the Cobras were always in the game and but for a turn over on the Blitz goal line, the result may have been different

"Right now I'm so proud of our players. To take on the National champions in our first ever Premiership game and give such a good account of ourselves, I hope will give them the confidence to get better and be able to compete with the other premiership teams this season". Coach Tony Allen

The Cobras face another tough challenge when they face the Bristol Aztecs at the Filton Wise campus, Bristol this Sunday, kick off 2.30pm



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