junior champions 2The London Warriors Youth Team won the National Championship in dramatic fashion.

The tournament started with the Warriros facing last years National Champions The Highland Wildcats. The Wildcats got of to a fast start against the Warriors building up a 15-0 lead. With some good defense and great passing plays the Warriors clawed thier way back before the half ended but trailed 15-14. With the Young Warriors confidence rising the Defense shut the Wildcats offense down in the second half and the Warriors racked up 22 unanswered ponits. Final Score London Warriors 36 - Highland Wildcats 15.


In the Semi Finals the Warriors had to face thier cross town rivals The London Blitz. The Warriors trying to start where they left off building a 20-0 lead at the half. In the Second half the Blitz made a comeback charge making the score 20-18 with 3 minutes left in the game. With the Warriors failing to score againsted a stiffened Blitz defense, the Blitz had the Ball with 1 minute 20 seconds left. The Blitz slowly drove down the field getting into the Warrior territory and with 16 seconds left on the clock scored which could have been the winning touchdown. Warriors 20 - 24 Blitz. An incomplete pass and the Warriors were left with 6 seconds on the Clock for one last dash hail mary pass. The QB dropped back and threw for the endzone only to get intercepted by Blitz player. The Blitz tried to run the ball back for a score but a crunching hit by the Warriors forced the ball lose and was recovered in the endzone for a Touchdown. Final Score London Warriors 26 - London Blitz 24


So it would be the London Warriors vs The Woodham Warriors in the Final a rematch of the heart attack final 2 years ago in 2010 where the London Warriors won thier first Youth Championship. The Game started well for the London Warriors again going up by 14 early in the first half, But Woodham Warriors were not going to be any push overs. With a strong running and and great play action passing the tied the game up before Lignthning caused a pause in the actions. (for saftey reasons) When the Lightning stopped the actions resumed but in very bad weather conditions. Woodham then took over with strong offensive play scoring a touchdowns and converting a two pointer making the score 22-14 in the second half. Not to be out manouvered the London Warriors scored straight back but failing on the conversion leaving Woodham with a slim lead 22-20 late in the game. With the weather not getting any better the London Warriors clamped down on Woodham Warriors running game and got the ball back with less than 2 minutes left. The London Warriors took the field and manages to score quickly with some great running plays with around 1 minute 20 seconds left on the clock. Woodham Warriors were not done yet, They got the ball with in scoring distance with a great catch made by thier Wide out around 15 yards fron the Endzone. The London Warriors defense stiffened and with an incomplete pass on 4th down, The London Warriors ran out the rest of the clock to become National Champions for the second time!! Final Score London Warriors 26 - Woodham Warriors 22


This season has been epic for the Young London Warriors, It's been a good job by the coaching staff and management to get the players in the right frame of mind and to this level so quickly. The season started very slowly for the Warriors but with every game they got better and better. Considering only 4 of thier players had played the game before and the rest are rookies it's and amazing feat they have acheived. This weekend they showed a never die attitude and always played thier hardest to the end of the game. Week in and week out these Young Warriors turn up to practise with out fail and show total dedication to the program and all thier hard work has paid off with the ultimate prize a National Championship!



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