The Warrior Nation went into the 2011 championship weekend with high hopes and high expectations, but after months of preparation and effort we failed to come away with the trophies we wanted so much.


In the Youth Kitted Tournament, our youth kitted team started well, winning their quarter-final match 18-16 against Balby Carr Mustangs. Next they faced the Highland Wildcats in the semi-finals, it was a  hard fought battle with both teams performing well , in the end, a couple of decisions that didn’t go the Warriors way and continued tough play from the Wildcats saw the Warriors miss out on the final by a score of 33-24.   The Youth Team ended the weekend ranked 3rd overall when they beat the Clyde Valley Falcons, 56-24 in the runner up match. Well done Warriors, next year we need to go the next step.



That same evening, the much anticipated Premiership Final was taking place between the 2010 National Champion: London Blitz and the under-dog; London Warriors. North London verses South London at a London venue for national bragging rights. The teams had met each other twice during the regular season already, the first game was a draw and the second was a victory for the Blitz by 6 points. This final was shaping up to be a great game. It was time for the Warriors to claim championship glory.


 The game didn’t start off well for the Warriors, with their opening possession the Warriors were unable to move the ball and had to punt, the long snap went high and over the Kicker’s head and through the Endzone for a Safety, 2-0 to the Blitz.


The London Blitz Offense then took to the field and a long bomb fired to Blitz WR Rob Bradley resulted in another score the conversion failed.


Q1 Blitz 8-0 Warriors.


On their next possession, the Warriors got the ball moving down the field, but penalties, mental errors and a strong Blitz defense prevented the Warriors from getting any points on the board.


In the 2nd Quarter, both defenses held firm so that neither team could score until an interception turned the ball over for the Warriors. The Blitz moved into fieldgoal range at the end of the half, the kick was good and the Blitz increased their lead:


Q2 Blitz 12-0 Warriors


The 2nd Half started with both defenses being as tough as ever, again, both offensive teams struggled to move the ball until the Warriors got going on a promising drive, culminating in two long pass to Warrior WR Emanuel Mukoro getting the ball inside the Blitz 5 yard line. First and Goal.

The Blitz defense rallied and was again solid. On 1st Down they sacked Warriors QB Jerome Allen for a loss, a run on 2nd Down got the Warriors back to around the 6 yard line, where, on 3rd down, the Warriors pass attempt fell incomplete.  The Warriors needed to score a TD to get back in the game so they went for it on 4th Down, but the pass attempt sailed out the back of the Endzone and the ball was turned over to the Blitz on downs.


 With it still being the 3rd Quarter and having the lead that they had, the Blitz went to their running game to run time off the clock. The Warriors defense stopped Blitz drive after drive to give the Warrior offense the ball, but then, disaster struck the Warriors with another interception. The Warriors were then unable to stop then Blitz ground game when Gareth Dauley scampered in on a 30 yard TD run. Sealing the game them a solid lead:


Q3 Blitz 18 – 0 Warriors


 In the 4th Quarter the Warriors has some spirited drives moving the ball down the field into London Blitz territory, but their attempts at getting the ball into the Endzone failed. In the end, too many mistakes and penalties combined with a very well drilled Blitz team gave them a deserved 4th National Championship.


Final Score London Blitz 18 – 0 London Warriors


The London Warriors would like to thank everyone in the Warrior Nation who came out to support them in the finals and during the season. Parents, fans, neighbours, friends and family members all contributed to the continued progression of our players and our football program, long may it continue. 


If you want to join the Warrior Nation as a player, coach or to help the Warriors in any other way please don’t hesitate to contact us. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..





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